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You can now enjoy your favorite tunes on Discord with the help of a new bot called Groovy. This handy app provides you access to Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud right at your fingertips when chatting.

Keeping up with a Discord server, whether as a customer or moderator, can be demanding. But for those in charge of managing the server and monitoring its activity, and enforcing rules, it becomes uncontrollable pretty easily.

Working on a Discord server can be both rewarding and demanding, depending on the size. Thankfully, some bots will help you keep your community of members engaged in discussion while providing moderators with an easier time managing the chat rooms as well.

There are many bots to choose from, and it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. So we’re going to share some of our favorite features in this article.

Now let’s talk about the essential things in Groovy Bot.

groovy bot discord

What Is Groovy Bot Discord?

The groovy bot is an excellent way to play your favorite music on your Discord server. You can play from platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud. Of course, many other bots are available too that will let you do this, but Groovy is easy to install and use.

The groovy bot is a Discord chat. It has been around for a long time. They have made many changes and updates to the design, with premium options that you must pay for. Plus, it is excellent because music will not lag while using it on any Discord chat.

This is a great music bot that you can use without altering your server or type in any commands. And premium users can play music 24/7 without stopping, add audio effects, and save queues.

We are going to talk about what the Groovy bot can do. Keep reading.

What Are The Features Of Groovy Bot?

A groovy bot can play music and commands. It would be best to make sure that the bot is in a voice channel before you can start playing music.

This bot has a lot of features. I will tell you about them:

  • You can play music from sites like YouTube or Soundcloud.
  • You can add music to the playlist. You can pause it whenever you want or skip it. There’s also a play-timer.
  • Identify which users from the Groovy bot can access lyrics and play music.
  • The groovy bot is free to use, but you can purchase a premium version with more benefits. You can run the bot all day long, save queued songs, and use the Groovy bot on more than one server at a time.

This is how you should talk to your Groovy Bot.

What Are The Commands Of Groovy Bot?

These are some of the commands:

  • Play: This is a command that lets you play any song from Spotify or YouTube. You can enter the link or search query and then click Enter to start playing the song.
  • Shuffle: With Shuffle, you can make your music random.
  • Queue: It is a command where you can see all the songs in your queue.
  • Resume: If you want to start playing the music track again, press the “Play” button.
  • Pause: To stop a song from playing, use this command.
  • Bass boost: If you want to make the music louder, you can try this command. Inputting Reset will set it at the average volume.
  • Nightcore: You can use this to make your music better.

These are the Groovy Bot commands.

List Of All Groovy Bot For Discord Commands

  • /play [link or search query]: Loads your input on the queue. If there is no playing track, it will start playing.
  • /queue: Displays the current song queue
  • /skip: Skips to the next song
  • /jump [track position or title]: Skips to the specified track
  • /loop track: Starts looping your currently playing track
  • /loop queue: Starts looping your current queue
  • /loop off: Stops looping
  • /lyrics: Displays lyrics for the currently playing track
  • /lyrics [query]: Searches for lyrics based on your query
  • /pause: Pauses playback
  • /unpause: Resumes playback
  • /remove [track position or title]: Removes the specified track from the queue
  • /remove range [start], [end]: Removes all the tracks from the specified start through the specified end
  • /disconnect: Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue
  • /shuffle: Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue
  • /song [song]: Displays info about the specified track in the queue
  • /song Displays: info about the currently playing track
  • /247: Toggles 24/7 mode, which disables automatic inactivity-based disconnects
  • /autoplay: Toggles AutoPlay, which will automatically queue the best song to play next by looking at your listening history
  • /bass boost [amount]: Sets the player’s bass boost setting; If you input “reset”, it will disable bass boosting
  • /volume [new volume]: Sets the player’s volume; If you input “reset”, it will set the volume back to default
  • /speed [new speed]: Sets the player’s playback speed; If you input “reset”, it will set the speed back to default
  • /pitch [new pitch]: Sets the player’s pitch; If you input “reset”, it will set the pitch back to default
  • /nightcore: Toggles nightcore mode
  • /vaporwave: Toggles vaporwave mode
  • /reset: effects Resets all audio effects
  • /fastforward [amount]: Fast forwards the player by your specified amount; The default is 10 seconds
  • /rewind [amount]: Rewinds the player by your specified amount; The default is 10 seconds
  • /search [query]: You can search for your favorite songs on YouTube. You can choose which songs you want to hear and put them into a queue. To do that, just type the number.
  • /seek [position]: Skips to the specified timestamp in the currently playing track
  • /stop: Stops the currently playing track and returns to the beginning of the queue
  • /move [track]:, [new position] Moves the specified song to the specified position
  • /saved queues list: Lists all of your personal saved queues
  • /saved queues load [name]: Loads the specified saved queue into the current queue
  • /saved queues create [name]: Saves the current queue under the specified name
  • /saved queues delete [name]: Deletes the specified saved queue
  • /saved queues share [name]: Creates a link that anyone can use to play your saved queue
  • /announce: Toggles the announcing of “Now playing” messages
  • /perms view [role or user]: Displays the currently set permissions for the specified role or user
  • /perms modify [role or user], [deny/allow/clear], [permission]: Modifies the permissions for a role or user

How to Download Install Groovy Bot for Your Discord Server And Play Music?

Installing the Groovy bot is comparatively simple. Follow these steps to install it:

  • To begin, go to Groovy. bot and click on the login button at the top right of your screen if you already have a Discord account.
  • Click on Add to Discord on the main page.
  • Register with your email address if you haven’t already. Sign in after that.
  • You can choose which permissions the bot should have. In the dropdown box of your Discord server, select your server.
  • Click on continue
  • Then click on Authorize.
  • You might have to prove that you are a human.
  • Now go back to your Discord server, and you will find the Groovy bot added to it.
  • Start to play music. Use the commands we mentioned above.
groovy bot discord

Groovy is the best choice for beginners when it comes to playing music without a hassle. The process of adding this bot and configuring it takes less than five minutes, so if you’re interested in getting started with Groovy bots on your Discord server, just follow the steps mentioned above.

What Is Groovy Premium?

Groovy Premium is a paid upgrade that offers some extra features. Groovy users can take advantage of this by providing Groovy with their payment information, and they will be charged on the first day of every month for as long as Groovy has access to their credit card or PayPal account.

Features Of Groovy Premium BOT For Discord Server?

Some of the Groovy Premium features include:

Full Volume Control

You can control the volume of the music that Groovy plays. You can make it quieter for when you want to listen to it in the background or louder when you want to hear it more clearly, like at a bar.

Audio Effects

You can change the mood of your playlist by using different modes like bass boost, vaporwave, and nightcore. This feature is perfect for when you want to impress someone with how good your tastes are.


The best part of this app is forcing Groovy to stay in a voice channel indefinitely. So, for example, you could use the Best Radio App for groovin’ out all day long on your favorite station.

Auto Play

Groovy will automatically look at your listening history to pick the best songs to play next. This is so you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted music without having to queue them one by one.

Saved Queues

The app’s new features include a “save queue” function, which allows you to save your favorite songs and listen to them at any time.

More Groovies

You can have up to three Groovys playing at the same time. This is great for parties, where you and your friends are trying to play a song in different voice channels on their phones at once.


I hope this post has given you a glimpse into Groovy Bot Discord and has helped answer your questions about the service.

If you are thinking of using a Bot for your music needs, GroovyBot is the app to have. It will make your Discord server so much more fun. Thanks for visiting us…